ISA-AD Advanced Course: Multivariate Analysis for Inferentials and Analyzers

ISA AD 2018 Advanced Analyzer CourseRegister to learn chemometrics best practices to make analyzers significantly more robust when put into routine practice. The course covers the best practices of multivariate technology and will prepare you to tackle a vast array of problems. This course is useful for any chemist or engineer who is concerned about optimizing their analytical methods to get the most out of their process operations. Click on the banner image to the left for more information and how to register.

Dongle Licenses

Of Special Interest: Portable Multi-product Dongle Licenses

With a slate of product releases, Infometrix has added a new licensing mechanism: if you need to have a portable license, a dongle (USB-compatible device) with a product license (or licenses) can now be obtained. Particularly useful for applications in which the computer where the software will run does not have internet access, the dongle is also an option for a multi-user situation.

The key can be moved from one computer to another without needing to return and reissue a license. The previous static license that you obtain from Infometrix and register via a software utililty is still available. For more information about the dongle or for advice on choosing which way to go, contact us.