Chemometrics can be used to condense large assembly projects into more manageable time frames; the modeling capability allows you to speed methods development and interpretation of complex chromatographic or spectroscopy patterns. The multivariate models can be placed in an expert-system context to allow robust implementation of customized diagnostic systems. The Pirouette software is designed to recognize patterns in virtually any type of analytical data. The process can be used to speed methods development and make routine the use of multivariate statistical models.

At Infometrix, we focus on the effective construction, optimization and maintenance of chemometric models for a wide variety of instrument systems. Drawing on years of industrial experience with chemometric tools, we cover key areas such as:

  • Defining and understanding the problem
  • Experimental planning and design
  • Preprocessing of samples and variables
  • Supervised and unsupervised pattern recognition
  • Classical and inverse methods of multivariate calibration

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