54th Annual ISA Honors & Awards Gala

isa-bgr-award-bannerBrian Rohrback, Ph.D is receiving the award for advancing the use of chemometrics in gas chromatography alignment software to reduce maintenance, improve precision, and simplify method development. Excellence in Analytical Technical Innovation Award, Endowed by the Analysis Division, recognizes an individual who has played a critical role in the conception, design, and/or implementation of an innovative product, process, and/or service in the analytical technology field. Click the image to see all fellows and award honorees.

LineUp Integration

In this post, we outline the integration of retention time alignment such that the correction of chromatographic peak position can be done as part of a method. The technical underpinnings of the algorithm in LineUp come from the literature describing Correlation Optimized Warping, or COW, which was brought into active research by the Danish Technical University a decade ago.  But, having an algorithm and using it as part of a routine process in a lab or on-line are very different topics; we focus here on the effective integration of alignment into a chromatographic instrument method. Continue reading