Visualizations, Models and Reports

Tableau as the interactive base

Tableau has emerged as the premier purveyor of B2B visualization software providing a means for sharing information via customizable dashboards viewable on any web-connected device. By using Tableau On-Line as the portal for viewing data and model characteristics, we can supply custom views to your desktop within minutes. You can easily see the number of spectra for with property values have not been assigned and any property values that could not be matched with a spectrum.

All available data

Finding last year’s data on your computer filing system is no problem, but most hand-built systems are not adequate to resurrect data that has been on-file (and inconveniently archived) for a long time. The Ai-Metrix® system keeps track of all of the data and all of the computed properties for a subscribing spectrometer. Any historical time slice is instantly available for view or recovery.

Complete model history

Potentially more important, the Infometrix system maintains a database of all models computed by the system so you can track performance over time. Standard errors (cross validation and prediction) are tracked to make it easier to determine when a model requires an update.

Model summary

Every time a model is requested, a report on that model’s quality is automatically generated and supplied as a PDF. The report shows the distribution of lab values, documents the number of inliers and outliers found during each of the five steps in the model generation process, and reports the number of factors found to provide the most robust model.


Any computation that is possible to make tied to the calibration quality is possible to automate. If the requested report is an ASTM standard, Infometrix will create the additional report at no charge. One example is D 6708 which is designed to evaluate the reference and spectral results to determine if they are equivalent.

Custom reports

If your organization has one or more specialized reports that you would like to store, Infometrix can build this report writing into the database output so that additional information can be harvested at the time a request for models is sent. Infometrix charges time and materials one time only for this work; adding these documents incur no additional charge.

Pirouette files and models

For every model request, the Ai-Metrix system generates both Pirouette files and Pirouette models that can be used either to review or to process further predictions. The Pirouette file is automatically created and named for the parameter being monitored. It contains the outlier-free subset, builds the model and sets the model complexity, all in an automated manner. This file can be viewed even with the free Pirouette demo program. If Pirouette models are used for routine processing of data in your instrument, those models are made available at the same time.

Instrument-specific models

Infometrix recognizes that Pirouette models are not compatible with all instrument systems and we have created a system that is completely-free of ties to any given chemometrics package. When a data set is trimmed and evaluated in the calibration step, we allow the user to request the inlier sample set that we found during our Robust process and indicate the optimal number of PLS factors to employ. The spectra and files containing the matched set of reference values can be set to deliver directly to your desktop and you can use them in any modeling software that fits your legacy installation.

You also can elect to have Infometrix deliver the models in any non-Pirouette format. There is an additional set-up fee for this service, but the ongoing incremental cost is only $100/month for any given spectrometer.