Chemometrics can be used to accomplish a variety of goals in the quality control laboratory or on the process line for:

  • Faster methods development
  • More effective multivariate calibration and
  • Detection and monitoring of impurities

Infometrix works with companies all over the globe to demystify this process. We tailor our efforts to the requirements of the end user, working side by side, offering services ranging from advice to design, custom system integration, and long-term maintenance for quality control systems employing usually either a chromatograph or an optical spectrometer.

The most common services we offer are chemometric calibration services, software development services, packaged software sales, software partnerships and general project management.

Chemometric calibration services

  • We build models under contract for customers
  • We maintain the models, if required
  • We train customers on the procedures
  • We sell the tools necessary to match our work
  • We work with any legacy hardware or software

Software development services

  • Custom chemometrics – we have tools that enable us to research and implement supportable systems for nearly any (multivariate) analytical service.
  • Instrument integration – we have done integration in combination with 30 instrument companies in optical spectroscopy (IR, NIR, Raman), microwave, MRI, chromatography (GC and LC), mass spectrometry, electrochemistry, LIBS, electrophoresis, and others.
  • Bespoke database systems (SQL) – mostly for quality control, we have built systems for the FDA, the CDC, pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, chemical companies, precision farming ventures, even for financial institutions.

Packaged software sales

  • Pirouette – Sold since 1990, versions of this software have been used to build multivariate models for myriad applications.
  • InStep – Designed to wrap Pirouette models into a hierarchical expert system, InStep is positioned as a rapid way to deploy chemometric models and report application-specific results.
  • LineUp – Chromatographic retention time variability can be eliminated post-run using a variant of the technology used for voice recognition, this software is designed to merge with most chromatographic methods.
  • IPAK – Our software development kit brings the power of any Infometrix algorithm into a software package from any other source.

Software Partnerships

  • Bio-Rad KnowItAll database (chemometric processing for spectroscopy databases)
  • Northwest Analytics Quality Analyst (adds multivariate to an SPC system)
  • ChromPerfect (full integration into data acquisition and processing software)
  • Falcon Analytical (full integration for 100% of the Falcon fast GC systems)
  • Siemens (alignment integration for Maxum and MicroSam on-line GCs)
  • TSI (used for LIBS spectral evaluation as part of their standard options)
  • PerkinElmer (used in their FTIR microscope system)
  • Gerstel’s ChemSensor (headspace MS and GCMS configurations)
  • Historically, there have been significant others including Agilent, AGIS, AIT, Beckman, Bomem, Matsushita, Otsuka, Perstorp, Thermo, and Waters.

General project management

  • Infometrix is experienced with multi-location chemometrics-based information management systems
  • We combine a detailed understanding of the instrument, the chemometrics and the business-side to generate an optimal solution for clients.

Infometrix offers a variety of consulting options from custom software development to chemometric data analysis and training courses specifically tuned to a client’s need. Don’t hesitate to contact us for an estimate on your specific project.

Service Description Cost per Day*
On-site training, short term consulting Training done at the customer’s chosen site and day by day consulting. A balance of training and consulting specifically oriented to the customer’s data, or the operation and maintenance of custom software for a laboratory or an on-line application. call for quote
Custom chemometrics solutions, long term consulting Custom chemometrics modeling, software development, and the integration of multivariate techniques into specific instrument systems for off and on-line applications. call for quote

Infometrix adheres to the strictest rules of customer confidence and security providing quality control and author tracking via adherence to the United States Food and Drug Administration’s PAT standards and Title 21 CFR part 11 compliance code.

In addition to custom consulting and training, we also offer 3-day general classes and 2-day advance classes in chemometrics.

Contact us for a quote or for more information.