LineUp Integration

In this post, we outline the integration of retention time alignment such that the correction of chromatographic peak position can be done as part of a method. The technical underpinnings of the algorithm in LineUp come from the literature describing Correlation Optimized Warping, or COW, which was brought into active research by the Danish Technical University a decade ago.  But, having an algorithm and using it as part of a routine process in a lab or on-line are very different topics; we focus here on the effective integration of alignment into a chromatographic instrument method. Continue reading

Product Release, New License Option

Pirouette 4.5, LineUp 3.5 and InStep 3.5 released

In the past our software products have been locked to a single computer with our static software license. With this product release we have added a USB hardware dongle license option. The dongle will offer our users the flexibility to take a license with them to any computer system without any further communication with Infometrix, making it particularly useful for the process industry and remote applications that have limited or restricted internet/networking access.