Alignment Software for Chromatography and Spectroscopy

LineUpLabelLineUp™ 5.0 is an alignment utility for chromatographic and spectroscopic data. LineUp will process files in several data formats, including Agilent ChemStation chromatography systems (*.CH files) and many other instrument systems (PerkinElmer TotalChrom, ThermoFisher Atlas, Waters Empower, Dionex Chromeleon, etc.) through the AIA data interchange format for chromatography (*.CDF files). We also support ThermoGalactic’s GRAMS spectroscopy software (*.SPC files), a very common data interchange format  and files in the Infometrix ASCII format (*.DAT) can also be aligned. In addition, accessory files are included for automating the alignment process with OpenLab ChemStation, and with the EZChrom Elite system. With the advent of LineUp 3.0, the executable became a COM client of IPAK. Version 3.5 added a graphical user interface that allows you to manage LineUp parameters and view chromatograms, raw and aligned, from a single window. LineUp 5.0 offers options that can speed the correction of retention time shift in chromatography.

LineUp beforeLineUp after
Using a multivariate correlation method, LineUp will adjust a chromatogram’s retention axis to more closely resemble that of a target. In doing so, LineUp can adjust for variations in column loading, column aging and changes in flow. The same approach can be applied to spectroscopic data, especially useful for corrections to Raman spectra.

By largely eliminating retention time variation, LineUp becomes an excellent partner with Infometrix’ Pirouette pattern recognition methods and data visualization tools. Together, LineUp and Pirouette can automate the interpretation of chromatographic data. Please see the product specifications for more details.

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