Infometrix, Inc.
11807 North Creek Parkway South, Suite B-111
Bothell, WA 98011
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If you have specific requests for information from us, here is whom you should contact.

Brian Rohrback, President

  • Corporate strategy, Contract development
  • Applications expertise: petroleum exploration, geochemistry

Paul Bailey, Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Key Accounts, Distributor Contacts, Product Information

Scott Ramos, Chief Scientist

  • Algorithm research & development, Project management
  • Applications expertise: species identification, natural products, environmental, chromatography, GC/MS

Jay Matchett, Lead Software Engineer

  • Software development and design, Network standards and administration

Randy Pell, Chemometrics Specialist

  • Algorithm research & development, Applications support
  • Applications expertise: Optical spectroscopy, Process monitoring and control, Process optimization

Stan Christie, Database Developer

  • Database design & deployment, Dashboard design
  • Applications expertise: Centralized databases, Optimized user interfaces

Meeji Ko, Technical Assistant

  • Web development, Technical design, Sales & marketing