Chemometrics Software

Since 1978, Infometrix has been developing chemometrics tools and has produced a series of chemometrics software packages.


Today’s analysts have jobs to do that extend beyond the act of collecting, analyzing and harvesting reports on individual samples. The true product of the analytical endeavor lies in the consolidation of these individual analyses into an evaluation of the chemical system as a whole. We compare a new sample against a compilation of our prior experience; we infer properties of interest with non-specific analytical tools, and more.

Our software includes current tools and technologies from the field of chemometrics presented in a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Our research and development efforts are directed toward software that will be completely integrated with instrumentation to provide better solutions to complex problems in chemistry, engineering and other sciences.

Infometrix is the only chemometrics company that provides a complete range of tools that can handle process monitoring, spectroscopy and chromatography.  Our ability to integrate into the instrument methods simplifies deployment significantly.  With the Infometrix suite of products, there is no need to manage different software learning curves for (as an example) a Bruker spectrometer, an Agilent lab GC and a Siemens process system.  This commonality can greatly simplify training and support activities for any organization.

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