Last call. Upgrade Pirouette before July 1, 2020

Hello fellow Pirouette users.

If you are still using a legacy version of Pirouette, on July 1st the price to upgrade to the current version of Pirouette, version 4.5, will no longer be available. The cost will be the full retail price of Pirouette v4.5. Older versions (e.g., Pirouette 4.0) were designed and implemented for older Windows environments and have become less compatible with current Windows operating systems. If you are still using an older system that has not been upgraded to Windows 10, products like Pirouette 4.0 may still work. However, we are no longer fixing bugs or implementing enhancements. If you have an older version, we recommend you take advantage of the current upgrade rate before it goes to full price. If you have any questions, need additional information or a quote, email us at

Chemometric recognition of genetically distinct oil families in the Los Angeles basin, California

Read the latest article “Chemometric recognition of genetically distinct oil families in the Los Angeles basin, California” published in AAPG Bulletin, v. 100, no. 1 (January 2016), pp. 115–135, under authors K. E. Peters, T. L.Wright, L. S. Ramos, J. E. Zumberge, and L. B. Magoon. The article discusses the chemometric analysis and identification of six genetically distinct Miocene tribes (12 families) in the Los Angeles basin. The resulting families were used as a training set to construct a chemometric decision tree used for classification on any additional samples of crude oil or source-rock extract that become available.

Product Release, New License Option

Pirouette 4.5, LineUp 3.5 and InStep 3.5 released

In the past our software products have been locked to a single computer with our static software license. With this product release we have added a USB hardware dongle license option. The dongle will offer our users the flexibility to take a license with them to any computer system without any further communication with Infometrix, making it particularly useful for the process industry and remote applications that have limited or restricted internet/networking access.