Infometrix Product Access Kit

IPAKLabelThe Infometrix Product Access Kit (IPAK) is a suite of components that forms the foundation of the current generation of Infometrix software products. IPAK provides four basic functionalities: (1) access to chemometric algorithms; (2) support for various file formats; (3) localization of language resources; and (4) product security/licensing.

The key IPAK software module is AlgSuite.dll, an in-process component that exposes the Infometrix arsenal of algorithmic computations through a series of simple and consistent interfaces. A 3rd party software developer can thus access the same computational engine that drives Pirouette, leveraging code that has been extensively tested and benefiting from FDA validation and Title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. The component can be addressed from COM aware languages/environments, e.g., VB, VB Scripting, C++, C#, Matlab, LabView, Python. It is fast and easy to use. Sample code and demonstration clients are available.

Two possible AlgSuite.dll scenarios are described below.

  • QC or process analytical software subsystems imbedded in other products can submit Pirouette models to AlgSuite to make real time predictions on their data.
  • In more sophisticated environments, the modeling steps for exploration (PCA), classification (KNN, SIMCA, PLS-DA), regression (MLR, PCR, PLS, CLS) and mixture analysis (MCR and ALS) can be performed. Moreover, chromatographic alignment is available using either Kovats indexing or the correlation optimized warping approach taken by the Infometrix product LineUp.

IPAK contains localized language resources, which means that error states can be reported to the calling client in any Infometrix-supported language. The current languages are English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. IPAK also contains DataWarehouse.dll, which provides data management to AlgSuite.dll.

IPAK is protected through a feature-based licensing system which is tied to a single computer. This license controls permissions for AlgSuite access: running algorithms and making predictions are protected actions. It is flexible enough to secure the client software itself, should a third-party developer desire this protection. The license described on the Infometrix web site is for prediction-only, but a developer can pick and choose among the various license features to create a custom license. In addition, custom algorithms can be written and similarly secured without exposing them to use by other IPAK-based software applications.

Using IPAK, it is simple to add chemometrics to applications. Commands include calls to initiate communication, to pass data to the server and to request results on completion. If your software staff requires assistance during implementation, we make an IPAK developers bundle available, which includes a full copy of Pirouette, one IPAK prediction license, an IPAK demonstration in Microsoft Excel (VB macro) format and 2 full days of consulting. Additional consulting is available as needed.