In our 3½ decades of activity, we note that an organization’s data is easily retrieved if it has been collected within the last few months.  As the time between collection and analysis grows, there is an ever decreasing probability that the company will be able to make use of the data.  There are many systems out there that allow you to store data, but as Rena Marie Pacella commented in a recent article on the subject, “a database is not a vault, it is a garden”.  Chemometrics is one of the best tools a gardener can choose, offering a mechanism for mining the information content from these databases.

Often, there already is a data source that is organized well enough to provide the basis for a multivariate analysis.  If the data is tied to a process historian, there are myriad tools that are available and our relationship with Northwest Analytics is one of the very best ways to quickly retrieve data from one or multiple sources, get the data into Pirouette and do the modeling that can be turned into a process monitoring inferential.  In many cases, the infrastructure provided by products like the NWA Quality Analyst are not available.  As an alternative Infometrix can design, build and maintain custom databases built around Microsoft standards such as; Access for small databases and SQL Server for larger, enterprise solutions.

Design and Programming

Infometrix has experience in designing custom relational databases for a variety of purposes.  We have designed and constructed server and web-based applications used in the petroleum, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.  We handle query-based reports, the integrated processing of multivariate analysis, watched folder and automated processing, and dashboard designs for disseminating information in real time.

Contact us if you are interested in this service or even if you just want to talk through some of the possibilities.

System Management

If we design and fill a database for an organization, the company can choose to maintain the system internally or have Infometrix perform this service.  If the internal route is taken, we can provide the training and documentation necessary to suit the company’s capabilities and still be on-call, if necessary.  Infometrix can also continue to manage the database system, if that is preferred.

Dashboards and Visualizations

Priority number one of a database is the efficient storage of data that has been vetted for use.  But the benefit of a database cannot be realized until the information content can be extracted and delivered to an operator or analyst for action.  Infometrix has adopted the Tableau dashboard programming system so that a custom display can be generated and delivered to a computer or a smart phone in real time.