Free Webinar: Development of Automated Chemometric Platform for Accelerated Raman-based Model Optimization in Biologics

BioPharma-Asia webinar registrationBrian Rohrback, president of Infometrix, will join Oliver Steinhof, PAT Scientist at Biogen and Nicolas Langenegger, Senior Associate Scientist at Biogen for this free webinar on September 20, 2021 at 10:00am EST.

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The increasing use of multivariate models both as part of the control strategy in commercial (bio)pharmaceutical production as well as for process monitoring calls for an efficient strategy for model development and model life cycle management. The traditional approach to develop multivariate models based on spectroscopy involves manual data management such as selection and transfer of spectroscopic data, import into modeling software and selection/exclusion of data. That is followed by addition of reference data, alignment of time stamps and import into the modeling software. 90% of the time required to construct a multivariate model is spent on data preparation. It was decided to develop a solution to automate these steps to prepare (stage) the data required for model development, reducing the time required to prepare a typical set of batch data to about five minutes. A second tool was developed to automatically optimize data pretreatment parameters and spectral range for PLS models. Both tools allow our scientists to invest their time into more value-added activities.

APACT’21 On-line Conference: Industrial Strength Analytics

Join Brian Rohrback, president of Infometrix, for his talk on Industrial Strength Analytics Friday April 23rd at 13:00 BST.

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Industrial Strength Analytics

As scientists, we need to be focused on specific aspects of technology in order to make advances in our fields. Success in the lab is key, but if we want to reap the benefits, the tasks that come next are every bit as critical as the initial innovation. In order for the work to be useful in the manufacturing sector, the analytics need to be industrialized and often the peripheral portions of this hardening process are as complex as the discovery process and it takes time, often more than Phase I. The example here is to outline the steps required to optimize the use of optical spectroscopy in manufacturing quality control.

ISA Virtual Conference: Rethinking Calibration for Process Spectrometers

ISA 2021 Virtual ConferenceJoin Brian Rohrback at the 2021 ISA Analysis Division Virtual Conference

March 23, 2021 at 12:00 ET

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Rethinking Calibration for Process Spectrometers

The talk focuses on a generic, machine-learning approach that addressed the primary bottlenecks of mustering data, automating analyzer calibration, and tracking data and model performance over time. The gain in efficiency has been considerable, and the fact that the approach does not disturb any of the legacy (i.e., no changes or alterations to any analyzer or software in place) made deployment simple. The result is a standardized procedure for doing calibrations that adheres to best practices, archives all data and models with easy access in mind, and delivers models in any format.

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