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Instrument Integrations

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Chemometrics is most-commonly used as a tool to be handled in a separate process; you collect the data, read it into the chemometrics software, and do the analysis.  Although this is necessary when constructing a multivariate model in the first place, the routine use of this model can disappear into the instrument systems method.  In this way, the automated interpretation of the analytical trace can occur directly.

Our custom implementations span everything from building components integrated into enterprise-wide databases to integrating into handheld instruments to LabView implementations.  Call or email us to discuss your requirements in this area.

We have worked with analytical instrument systems for a long time; the first system we put in place was in 1983 (Hewlett Packard’s diode array).  We have worked with PE, Thermo, Agilent/HP, Beckman, Bio-Rad, Perstorp, Otsuka, AGIS, Waters, Siemens, Falcon, ABB, Northwest Analytics, AIT, and Yokogawa on integration into their instruments spanning optical spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, chromatography, flow injection, remote sensing, process variables, and other sources of analytical data.  We estimate that there are more than 10,000 implementations of Infometrix technology in the marketplace.

Most of the integrations are tied to the IPAK developer kit, although many use InStep as a means of deploying Infometrix technology.  We also have specialized routines, available for free on our website to connect with major instrument suppliers.

One Infometrix product deserves special mention here.  LineUp™ is a software package that eliminates the retention time variation in a chromatographic trace.  Infometrix has done the integration work so that the software operates within most chromatography software packages simplifying the critical path for doing pattern recognition analysis on raw chromatograms.

Here are some examples of instrument vendors and their relationships with Infometrix.

  • Teledyne Analytical – The small, fast, highly-efficient Calidus GC is designed to fit into the lab, the field, or the process line.  Calidus bundles the LineUp software with every unit and is set up to integrate InStep as well.
  • ChromPerfect – The ChromPerfect product is the most seamless marriage between the Infometrix software and a chromatography data station.
  • Northwest Analytics – The Quality Analyst is one of the most popular statistical process monitoring and control systems available.  Their multivariate capabilities are driven by the Pirouette dll.
  • PAC/AC Analytical Controls – AC has been bundling the LineUp software into their detailed hydrocarbon analysis system for many years.
  • Siemens – Siemens has integrated Infometrix LineUp into their Maxum II software to eliminate retention time variability in their process gas chromatographs.