Chromatographic Fingerprinting

We have broad experience in doing QC on chromatographic data in the food, petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  A little background is given below.   Call or email so that we can have a conversation to drill down in your application to answer any questions more completely.

  •  TumorPirouette and its related products are widely used in chromatographic profiling with over 35 years of experience, including systems built for the FDA (food branch) and the CDC (for tuberculosis analysis).
  • You have three choices in dealing with chromatograms.  You can process the peak table or you can process the whole chromatogram as if it were a spectrum, or you can do both simultaneously.1310-gc-stands-for-greater-control-fig3  There are significant advantages to handling the raw chromatographic profile (that way if there is a new peak, the system will flag it).
  • If you do whole chromatograms, you will need to do an alignment first to eliminate retention time variability.  We make a product (LineUp) that does that job without requiring standards.  This has helped enormously both in lab-based QC and in process instruments.
  • We have an all-in-one Profiler product for doing chromatographic QC based on any number of fractions that we have done for the pharmaceutical industry (but has applicability in all sorts of botanicals and biologics).  This has passed FDA requirements for use in the manufacture of a prescription drug.

In summary, we make Pirouette to build the fingerprinting models, LineUp to make the chromatograms the same run-to-run, year-to-year, even instrument-to-instrument.  We have linked the software into a number of different chromatographic product lines with documentation on how to change the method to do the work automatically.