DLL Updates

We periodically provide updates of selected DLLs, or other components, which were changed after a version was released. To use the modified file, download it to your system (say Save As when the download starts), place the file in the appropriate directory, then restart the software.

LineUp version 3.011 update

  • lineup.exe – This update corrects a problem when the target and sample are of unequal lengths. Replace the existing exe with this file.

Pirouette version 4.0 rev 2 updates

  • Pirouette.exe – This update corrects a problem for Win 7 (and some Vista) users that when an open or save model dialog is opened and .MOD files exist in the folder, and they are in Details view, the program quits. Download this file and replace the one on your system. The problem is not eliminated, however, Pirouette will no longer default to Details view.
    Note that this problem *has* been fixed in version 4.5 wherein the default extension for model files has been changed to .PMF (Pirouette Model File). You may still open .MOD files by adjusting the file filter but be aware of the nature of this issue.
  • asALS.dll – This update corrects a problem when reloading a .PIR file that has ALS results in which non-negativity for profiles was unchecked and there are negative-going features in the sample patterns.

Pirouette version 3.11 updates

  • aspcr.dll – and
  • aspls.dll – Revised versions of PCR and PLS that correctly calculate the F-Ratio on prediction. Copy these files into the Pirouette directory (say Yes when asked to overwrite the existing file). [for Pirouette prior to 11/2004]

Pirouette version 3.0x updates

  • MSVCP60.dll – This DLL was inadvertently left out of Pirouette version 3.0x installers. Copy this file into the System directory of your OS to restore use of the AIA file server.
  • vsdataed.dll – This DLL has been updated to prevent problems when editing the Pirouette spreadsheet. Copy this file into the Pirouette directory, replacing the originally installed file. Applies only to version 3.02.

Pirouette version 2.7 updates

  • IxFSExcel.dll – This DLL was inadvertently left out of the first shipment of Pirouette version 2.7. Copy this file into the Pirouette directory to restore use of the Excel file server.

Pirouette version 2.6 updates

  • asxform.dll – Corrects a step in the MSC transform that could cause the output spectrum to remain unchanged.
  • fsaia.dll – Adds special handling for AIA files exported from various chromatography data systems that present data in unusual formats.