ISA Webinar – Practical AI: In Search of Dynamic, Autonomous Process Analytics

ISA 2021 webinar postingJoin Brian Rohrback, President of Infometrix on Feb. 25th at 1:00pm ET.

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Practical AI: In Search of Dynamic, Autonomous Process Analytics

The application of the concepts behind artificial intelligence and machine learning mandates a systematic approach to extracting information from multiple, byte-dense data sources. Effective extraction of this information leads to improvements in decision making at all levels of the chemical, petrochemical, and petroleum industries. To accomplish anything in the AI space, we need to combine traditional approaches in statistics, database organization, pattern recognition, and chemometrics with some newer concepts tied to better understanding of data mining, neurocomputing, and machine learning. This is an introduction to a practical approach to deploying AI and how a multi-company, multi-industry, hydrocarbon processing consortium, established eight years ago to re-evaluate how the calibration process for sensors and analyzers could be managed more efficiently. The focus spans optical spectrometers, chromatographs, and process sensors, independently and in combination, with a shift from current practices to approaches that take advantage of the computational power at our fingertips.

Dr. Rohrback’s expertise covers the integration of multivariate data processing for process analyzers and laboratory instruments catering to routine quality analysis. Prior to his current position, he worked for Cities Services Oil Company, now Occidental Petroleum, with industry positions including research scientist managing the chromatography group, an exploration geologist, and manager of planning/budget for EAME. He holds a B.S. in chemistry, a Ph.D. in organic geochemistry, and an MBA. His 50-year span of published works include topics in petroleum exploration, chemical plant optimization, clinical and pharmaceutical diagnostics, informatics, pattern recognition and multivariate analysis.

3 thoughts on “ISA Webinar – Practical AI: In Search of Dynamic, Autonomous Process Analytics

  1. Santhosh,
    Yes, you may be able to win a few bar bets on this; everyone seems to think the sectors they relate to most directly must be the largest managers of data. We do have an advantage in the correlation that exists among our sources of data which, in sensors, has promulgated the whole multivariate SPC world.
    As an odd note, I had the opportunity to meet and talk both with John Fluke Sr. and Jr. when I first came to the Seattle area. Yours is a great company with impressive roots.
    Best Regards, Brian

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