ISA AD 2019 Short course – Multivariate Analysis for Inferentials and Analyzers

Multivariate Analysis for Inferentials and Analyzers This course examines a series of algorithmic approaches with the goal of streamlining multivariate model construction to make the analyzers significantly more robust when put into routine practice. This class will benefit those who want to better understand the tools available to build qualitative and quantitative inferentials for their process. It will also benefit technicians who perform both routine and irregular maintenance of chromatographic and spectroscopic instruments in both process and laboratory settings. Managing pressure, temperature, flow and level as an ensemble rather than as independent measurements to track will be highlighted. Attention will also be aimed at optical spectrometers, in particular near infrared and Raman. Chromatographic applications will be discussed with the purpose of simplifying maintenance. These topics are designed to cover the best practices of multivariate technology and will prepare participants for tackling a vast array of problems. This course is useful for any chemist or engineer who is concerned about optimizing their analytical methods to get the most out of their process operations. This course will be presented by Brian Rohrback, president of Infometrix, Inc.

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