2016 Excellence in Analytical Technical Innovation Award

2016 ISA Excellence AwardBrian Rohrback, president of Infometrix, Inc. receives an award from ISA’s (Instrument Society of America)Analytical Division in recognition of what LineUp™ can do to improve the routine use of chromatography, particularly in process control and quality assurance settings.


4 thoughts on “2016 Excellence in Analytical Technical Innovation Award

  1. Dear Brian —

    Congratulations on your selection for the “2016 Excellence in Analytical Technical Innovation Award”! I can’t think of anyone I know who is more deserving of this award. Throughout the years I have known you, I have always admired your enthusiasm, curiosity, and selfless devotion to discovering truth. You have always worked to identify new technologies and innovators and then worked tirelessly to get them into the public view for evaluation and adoption by the community. In addition to developing what I consider to be the most innovative software system for doing multivariate analysis, you have been an intelligent and knowledgeable proponent for the use of multivariate analysis in general; and you and your colleagues at Infometrix have always been an inspiration to many of us who have worked in the field. You always seem to be selfless in trying to push for new data analytical systems and improvements to existing systems, even when there has been little or no direct benefit to Infometrix, just because you believe them to be steps forward in the effort to improve our ability to learn and discover new things. I’m very proud to be able to say I know you and I wish you continued success in all you undertake. Congratulations again on this very well deserved award.


    • Thank you very much Rick for the wonderful compliment. You have been a great supporter over the years and a true believer in what we do. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

      Infometrix, Inc.

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