This list of software providers and distributors will help you to find information about several chemometrics-related companies and products.

Software Companies and Products

  • Infometrix, Inc., developer of Pirouette, InStep and LineUp packages for multivariate data analysis. We specialize in integrating chemometrics into analytical instruments and process systems.
  • CAMO Inc, maker of Unscrambler software, for multivariate modeling, prediction, classification, and experimental design.
  • Umetrics, maker of MODDE software for design of experiments and SIMCA multivariate data analysis.
  • Eigenvector Research, sells a PLS_Toolbox
  • Thermo Electron, offers PLSplus/IQ add-on to GRAMS.
  • Grabitech Solutions AB, offering MultiSimplex, experimental design & optimization software.
  • PRS Software AS, maker of Sirius software, for data analysis and experimental design.
  • S-Matrix Corp., maker of CARD, design of experiments software.
  • Stat-Ease, Inc., maker of Design-Expert DOE software for experimental design.
  • Applied Chemometrics, source for chemometrics related software, training, and consulting.
  • DATAN software for multidimensional chemometric analysis.
  • Analyze IQ Ltd., provides software and services to rapidly and accurately analyze chemical mixtures using spectroscopy.
  • Data Analysis Solutions,  offers services and consulting in the area of multivariate bioinformatics and chemometrics focusing on the pharmaceutical industry.
  • TopNIR, offers software for process monitoring and control plus statistical analysis for near infrared spectroscopy focused on the downstream petroleum market.
  • AixCAPE, a non-for-profit consortium with focus on facilitating new technologies and on speeding up innovation transfer in the area of computer aided process engineering.
  • 4Tune Engineering Ltd., provides SaaS solutions for process monitoring and risk analysis.

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